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Wes Anderson’s love for symmetry.

(Watch the video too)

Jaka Bulc is a photographer from Slovenia (I believe?) His work is breathtaking and minimal which is a win in my eyes. This is a photographer that is worth keeping track of.

Go check his website + Flickr you won’t be disappointed!

LAND is a collaborative design studio started by Caleb Owen Evereitt and Ryan Rhodes. The duo definitely know how to identify and execute in terms of branding. I have been familiar with their work for sometime now and find their work very inspirational. They both already have an impressive list of clients which include: Vans, Nike, Levis, Deus Ex Michina and so much more. The pictures I have chosen for this post are just the tip of the iceberg, If you like them go and see more of their amazing work!

So I didn’t make a playlist last month (boo!) So to make it up I have decided to put this mix in by Beaty Heart (lazy) If you are a fan of Animal Collective you will definitely like this mix. I would also recommend listening to Beaty Heart as they also do sound similar to Animal Collective and are a great band.

(from 4 minutes in is where it gets good!)

Arnout Meijer has designed these amazing colour changing LED lamps. The design is enough to attract you to the object and knowing that the LED changes colour to suit your mood is a plus! 

Check out the video below to see one piece in action. 

Also go to if you want to see more. 

I have decided to start making monthly playlists of music that I think is worth sharing. So here you go!:

Montana by Tycho.
Scott Hansen A.K.A Tycho/ISO50 is an artist who I have been following for a very long time. ’Awake’ is his 3rd LP, which will be released through Ghostly International in March 2014. ‘Montana’ has already got me excited for the album!

Le Loup (Fear Not) by Le Loup.
I came accross this band from the ‘Habitat - Search the Horizon’ Skate video. It’s a good chill/laze track to relax to or go driving with. They are on Hardly Art Records 

Dreaming by Seapony.
Another band on Hardly Art Records. I just came across these looking through their roster. It’s a good upbeat track to get you moving and in the right mood. 

Afterlife by Arcade Fire.
I only just listened to their latest album ‘Reflektor’ recently and to me it’s the best they have put out. Also I’m very into LCD Soundystem and knowing that James Murphy has produced this album has made it very exciting to listen to. 

Heavy Doctor by Thee Oh Sees.
I have been listening to Thee Oh Sees a lot recently and I am not even remotely tired of them. It’s a good garage noise rock band (if you can call it that) I highly recommend checking out more of their tracks if you are into just noise rock. 

7/4 (Shoreline) by Broken Social Scene.
To me this is a good nostalgic song and their self titled album is always good to come back to. (Also my blog is named after one of their tracks!)

Cannons by Youth Lagoon.
Another good chill/laze track. The album ‘The Year of Hibernation’ has a minimalist feel musically, it’s a good easy listen to album if you just want to relax.

Cinnamon by Tripwires.
A great band from the UK signed to Frenchkiss Records. This track has a good level of noise and the vocals are easy and light. Go and listen to their album ‘Spacehopper’ you won’t be disappointed!

Come on Let’s Go by Broadcast
This month is the anniversary of the death of Trish Keenan. Broadcast to me are definitely one of the most underrated bands and still think are today. Come on Let’s Go is one of my favourite track by Broadcast. It’s eerie yet relaxing. 

Andy Gilmore is an artist that I have been admiring since I discovered the great label that is Ghostly International. His colour palette always compliments his geometric/kaleidoscopic patterns, which I find fascinating. 

Below is a video of the artist himself done by Ghostly International

to check out more of his work visit:

These are my favourite albums of this year:


Storm Thorgerson sadly has passed away today, he was a graphic designer from England. He was mainly known for his album cover designs, he has done work for bands like Pink Floyd, Biffy Clyro, Mars Volta, Led Zeppelin, Yourcodenameis:milo, Muse and many more. I found his work very strange yet amazing. To me it has hints of surrealism in his art. Once you start noticing one of his album designs you will definitely recognise all other work in passing. He’s definitely influential and a one of a kind graphic designer. 

Go check out more of his work at

Danny Clinch is one of the big name photographers in the popular music scene. He has photographed the likes of Johnny Cash, Bjork, Tupac Shakur, Tom Waits and many more. Last year he had taken these double exposures on Polaroid which look pretty amazing. He explains the process perfectly himself:

"I love Polaroid. Instant satisfaction. The B/W feels classic the minute you peel it. It’s imperfect and filled with happy accidents. In the beginning, I shot double exposures purely on accident, now I do them on purpose. Accidental solarizing? love it. Lets do it on purpose next time. When I shoot Polaroids it always brings me back to the great feelings I had when I first started taking photographs."

Go check out his website for more of his work.